Twitter: bios_corp

Corporate Office

Location: 309 E. Dewey Ave., Sapulpa, Ok 74066

Phone: (918) 227-8390

Fax: (918) 227-8378


President/CEO: Eddie Miller; Phone: (918) 605-3934

Vice President of Senior Services: Lori Hauge; Phone: (918) 605-2338

Vice President of Human Resources: Kendyll Miller; Phone: (918) 605-3935

Director of Bios Real Estate: Mindi Hixon; Phone: (918)-740-9711

Vice President of Training: Stacia Ellis

Chief Operating Officer: Kirk Elam; Phone: (918) 407-5425

Vice President of Quality Assurance: Susan Rutledge; Phone:(918) 760-7248

Chief Financial Officer: Lori Mouse; Phone: (918) 607-2132

Assistant to CFO: Mark Moskal

Lead AP Clerk: Gail Deason-Ferriera

Accounting Clerk: Vickie Wilson

Accounting Clerk/FPM: Chris Horn

Assistant Director of Quality Assurance:  Gordon Fujii; Phone: (405) 922-9732

Corporate Trainer: Jolynn Officer

Risk Manager: Karla Montgomery

Benefits Coordinator: Cheyanne Hughes

Recruiter:   Jonathan Miller

Recruiter: Christian Collins

HR Assistant Director: Emily Castleman

HR Assistant: Amanda Hutchins

HR Assistant: Kay Kelley

Training Coordinator: Cheyanne Hixon

Information Systems: Mark Farris/ Matt Hand


Oklahoma State Director:  Shannon Holcomb
Phone: 918-637-9755

Bartlesville, OK

Location: 2448 SE Washington Blvd., Bartlesville, Ok 74003

Phone: (918) 338-0101    Fax: (918) 766-0011

Area Director: Alisha McConnell

Lead Program Manager: Robyn Cody

Financial Program Manager:    Diane Wickham

ABLH Program Manager: Karen Sherrick

Administrative Assistant: Jeff McChessney

Muskogee, Oklahoma

Location: 3521 S. 24th St. West, Muskogee, OK 74401

Phone: (918) 682-3592  Fax: (918) 682-9657

Area Director: Leslie Bryant; Phone: (918) 810-8191

Program Manager: Tiffany Woodfault

Vocational Program Manager: Jeremy Schaffer

Financial Program Manager: Terence Jones

Administrative Assistant: Cora Jarrett

Oklahoma City, OK

Location: 2442 N. Walnut, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Phone: (405) 525-0900  Fax: (405) 525-1034

Area Director: Mary Katherine Long ; Phone: 405-525-0900

Financial Program Manager: Terrance Jones

Lead Program Manager: Carrie Carey

Lead Program Manager:  Hanna Hawkins

Lead Program Manager:   Bridget Mason

Person Centered Thinking Trainer: Mary Katherine Long

Administrative Assistant: Billie Schaffer


Sapulpa/Tulsa, OK

Location: 309 E. Dewey Ave., Sapulpa, Ok 74066

Phone: (918) 227-8390   Fax: (918) 227-8378

Area Director: Sherry Wood Phone:  (918) 527-7590

Lead Program Manager: Roy Gage

Lead Program Manager: Melinda Martin

Lead Program Manager: Theresa Leaverton

Lead Program Manager: Elizabeth Goodwin

Administrative Assistant: Renisha Hickman



Area Director: Shannon Holcomb Phone: (918) 637-9755

Lead Program Manager: Melanie Cassidy Phone: (918) 671-4067

Voc Program Manager: C.T. Robinson Phone: (6155-424-5009

Voc Program Manager: Casen Rogers Phone: (918) 227-8390

Voc Program Manager: Stavo Espinosa Phone: (918-227-8390)


Tennessee Executive Director: Terry Wendling Phone: (615) 497-4449

Area Director: Amy Crowe Phone: (913) 306-1189

 Columbia, TN

Location: 1802 Shady Brook Street, Columbia, TN 38401

Phone: (931) 375-9370 or (877) 599-1125  Fax: (931) 840-0505

Location: 35 E. Main Hohenwald, TN 38462

Phone: (931) 266-0018 Fax: (931) 840-0505

Financial Program Manager: Chris Horn; Phone: (888) 920-3600

Lead Program Manager: Angela  Scribner Phone: (931) 375-9370

Lead Program Manager: Regina Kinney Phone: (913) 375-9370

Administrative Assistant: Elaine McCarthy; Phone: (931) 266-0118

Administrative Assistant: Whittney Goode; Phone: (931) 375-9370