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Corporate Office

Location: 309 E. Dewey Ave., Sapulpa, Ok 74066 Phone: (918) 227-8390 Fax: (918) 227-8378


State Director:  Shannon Holcomb

Shannon Holcomb-pic Shannon Holcomb has been with the Bios Corporation since October, 1994.   She began working at Bios as a Vocational Program Manager and quickly absorbed other responsibilities which have included being a Direct Support Professional, House Manager and having a home approved for respite/companionship for DDSD.    In October of 2006, Shannon began her current role of Area Director for the Sapulpa/Tulsa Office.    In addition to being the Area Director in Sapulpa/Tulsa, she has also been the Area Director in Muskogee and Bartlesville. Shannon supervises 250 employees, and is in charge of ensuring high quality services are provided while maintaining an operating budget for the Sapulpa/Tulsa Office. Shannon was born and raised in Oklahoma, on a family farm near Kellyville.  Her parents were both educators in the public school system.   It is because of her background that Shannon chose a field where a combination of hard work and teaching others is an important combination to changing the lives of others.  Shannon has a B.A. in Psychology.

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Bartlesville, OK

Location: 1370 SE Washington Blvd., Bartlesville, Ok 74003 Phone: (918) 338-0101 Fax: (918) 766-0011

Alisha McConnell, Area Director Alisha

Alisha began her career in the health care field and working in the field of supporting people with intellectual disabilities in 2009. I received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Northeastern State University in 2009 and I have served in a variety of management positions in different fields for 15 years.

Alisha started working with Bios as a Program Manager in the Sapulpa/Tulsa office in 2011 until her promotion to the Lead Program Manager in 2013.  She recently held the position of Lead Program Manager in the Bartlesville office.  In June 2015,  Alisha became the Area Director for the Bartlesville Office.  She enjoys spending quality time with the people Bios serves and being a strong advocate. Her goal for this position is to carry out the Bios Mission Statement at all times.  Alisha resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband, daughter and four sons


Muskogee, Oklahoma

Location: 3521 S. 24th St. West, Muskogee, OK 74401 Phone: (918) 682-3592 Fax: (918) 682-9657

Leslie Bryant, Area Director

leslie bryant pic Leslie Bryant began her career in the field of developmental and intellectual disabilities in the summer of ’93.  She came to Bios in July of 2001, bringing eight years of direct support experience along with her.  Leslie has  enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of the field and to meet some extraordinary people throughout her years of service. Leslie has held various positions within the Bios organization over the years:  direct support professional, house supervisor and program manager.  And as of 2005,  Area Director for the Muskogee Bios Office. Leslie enjoys her current role with Bios, it has given her the opportunity to be a stronger advocate not only for the people Bios serves, but for the 130 area employees that dedicate themselves to “Empowering People To Reach Their Dreams” each and every day.

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Oklahoma City, OK

Location: 2442 N. Walnut, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Phone: (405) 525-0900

Fax: (405) 525-1034

Area Director:  Mary Katherine Long


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Sapulpa/Tulsa, OK

Location: 309 E. Dewey Ave., Sapulpa, Ok 74066

Phone: (918) 227-8390

Fax: (918) 227-8378

Sherry Wood, Residential Area Director

Sherry Wood

Sherry Wood began her career with Bios in March of 2001 as a Direct Support Professional.  In July, she moved to a House Manager position and remained in that position for three years.  Since that time Sherry has held the positions of Program Manager, Staffing Coordinator, Human Resources Assistant, Financial Program Manager and for the last five years  Lead Program Manager .  In September of 2014 Sherry accepted the position of Area Director where she is committed to using all of her experience in the various positions to lead the Sapulpa/ Tulsa office.  Sherry has been a strong advocate over the years for many people supported by Bios and will continue to ensure the Bios Mission is carried out by her employees.

Sherry graduated from Sapulpa High School, has been married for 38 years, has 2 kids, 4 grandkids, 2 dogs and a cat.  Sherry and her husband spend much of their time away from work with their kids, grandkids and extended family.  Sherry is enjoying her current role as Area Director and is looking forward to providing continued teaching and support to the Sapulpa/Tulsa Employees in order to continue the strong foundation that Bios has been built upon.



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Terry Wendling, Executive Director

terrysmallweb Terry joined Bios in February of 2002 after a 25 year career in Manufacturing and Purchasing Management. This included 5 years of experience in a related field supporting Individuals with Disabilities in assisting with Employment Opportunities within the Private Sector. He was nominated and received a Governors Award in Oklahoma for his work in the Field of Disabilities in 2001. His career with Bios included positions as Vocational Program Manager and Area Director while in Oklahoma. In 2004 Terry was offered a position as Regional Director for Bios as our Mission of Empowering People to Reach Their Dreams was expanded into Middle Tennessee. He Advanced to the State Executive Director Position for Bios of Tennessee in 2007. Terry holds an Associate in Science Degree from Connors State College. He is committed to his continued advocacy for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.

Columbia, TN

Location: 1802 Shady Brook Street, Columbia, TN 38401 Phone: (931) 375-9370 or 1-877-599-1125 Fax: (931) 840-0505

 Hohenwald, TN

Phone: 1-877-599-1125 Location:  35 E. Main St. Hohenwald, TN 38462 Phone: (931) 266-0118 Fax: (931) 381-1448

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